Tagomago Collectors Project

Tagomago Collectors Project (TCP) is born out of the desire of ex-gallerists and collectors Valérie de Marotte and Vicenç Boned to build and manage a contemporary collection not merely on the level of contents but also on the level of mission, approach and function.

With a marked emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches, the aim of TCP is to bridge photography with other areas of artistic creation, encouraging appropriation, experimentation and the coexistence of novelty and tradition.

TCP is developed with an open-minded approach to photography that brings together the following elements: photography, installation / plastic formats, photobooks and performance.

TCP operates as a dynamic agent in the field of photography collection and creation: instead of organizing static exhibitions, it opts for an interdisciplinary exhibition work that will integrate the collection in the contemporary artistic practice while generating new associations between artists, curators and novel exhibition contents, novel initiatives and eventually more photographic heritance.

TCP will develop projects and activities in the fields of creation, education and promotion. One of its main aspirations is to foster communication and the exchange of ideas within the community of private collectors.

This private initiative will be developed in tandem with festivals, fairs, institutions, publishing houses and emerging experimental platforms.