Tagomago Collection

Tagomago Collection was born out of Tagomago Gallery (Barcelona/Paris 2009-2015), a joined project by Vicenç Boned and Valérie de Marotte Boned, who over the last two decades have been sharing their passion for photography and collecting.

Eclectic at heart, the Tagomago Collection consists of approximately four hundred (450) pieces (final number due to be confirmed after completion of the inventory in winter 2015-2016). Approximately 80% of the pieces are framed.

The collection brings together a series of Spanish and international authors. In their majority they are emerging names in the field of photography. Emphasis has been placed on contemporary creation (from the 1970s until nowadays) and on areas such as portrait, identity, staged photography. There is also a significant selection of works with a post-colonialist discourse, and of others built upon a formal language (collage, mixed media) as well as appropriation and creative reinterpretation of older techniques. Spanish and French photography gain a clear presence within the collection, which is complemented by a growing selection of Spanish and international contemporary photobooks.